Show and Tell Tuesday - What's Made You Happy Lately?

It's time for Show & Tell!  I wrote a bit about this yesterday, but I want Show & Tell to be a little easier on everyone, including myself. I also want it to be a little more true to the whole purpose of my blog, which is to focus on the good stuff going on in our classrooms! Everyone knows all too well about the not-so-good stuff going on, so it's nice to focus on the positives.

I'll start. Today we had Tasty Tuesday. This is something I heard about a long time ago over on Once a month on a Tuesday, we copy a recipe in our best handwriting, then we actually make and eat it, and write a review of the recipe. This post explains it in a bit more detail. We also use this as our grade-level parent event. We collect our recipes, pictures and reviews and compile them into a cookbook which we share with parents as they complete the last recipe together. This year's event is coming up soon, so I'll write more about it next month. So much fun!

Cooking in a room where we have no oven or microwaves, and are not allowed to use anything hot, like a hot plate or hot pot can be a bit challenging, but we make do. Today's recipe was a new one. When I saw it on Pinterest (where else) I knew I had to give it a try! Here's the original. How stinkin' cute, right?
Source: viaFern Smith on Pinterest
They were actually very easy to make once you find the Twinkie replacement. I used Hostess Dreamies, but Little Debbie makes some called Cloud Cakes that would totally work. They don't taste exactly like a Twinkie (I did the research)  but they look darn close! You'll also notice a big difference in our wheels. The fine folks at Spangler Candy sent me that ginormous box of Dum-Dums back in December. My kids have been drooling over them ever since. I wanted to do something really great with them and when I saw these bunny cars, it hit me! Dum-Dum wheels! We snipped the the stick in half so it wouldn't poke out of the other end of the cake. Adorable, or what? We still have about 400 Dum-Dums left (not even kidding), but I have another project up my sleeve for them...
We had some innovations on the original design, one just cuter than the next. Then we had a weight-lifting Peep. He's working hard on changing the stereotype that Peeps are just unhealthy sticky sugar balls.

This is the kind of stuff these kids will remember. Look at those faces! So, what was your happy this week? Link up to any post that shares some of the good stuff out there. Did you do a fun project with your kids? Did they surprise you with what they've accomplished? Did that one certain kid finally reach the milestone you've been working toward? Link up and share the good stuff. I know it's out there!

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  1. I have a cookbook from my sister's kid's school. It's very nice. The rabbit mobile is very cute. You have some creative kids. I'm looking forward to your new show and tell.

  2. These are just too cute! I have kiddos with allergies in my room so any food activities are off limits. My niece would LOVE to make these though! ~ Lisa

    1. Actually, all Spangler Candy products, including Dum Dums are free of the top major allergens. You can find more information on our website.

  3. I LOVE this. I just got a little sugar jittery looking at these cute little guys! Thanks for sharing the GOOD that is going on b/c goodness sakes.......Spring Fever has definitely arrived. My kids would love these.

    Sweet n Sassy in 2nd

  4. DEE-LICIOUS. I want to be a kid in your class!!!! This is awesome. It ust made me super happy. I'm totally linking up with you tomorrow! :) I know just what to talk about, too!


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