Orange Ya' Glad it's a Blog Hop?

Welcome blog hoppers! How fun is this little trip to all your Florida friends? 
I hope you were able to make a new friend or two. 
I've got some links for the rest of the hop at the end of this post just in case you 
happened to hop in here. I'm stop #11.
We're each offering a freebie and a glimpse at a paid product you might like. My freebie is from my favorite book for the end of the year, Last Day Blues. It's the companion book to First Day Jitters, another one of my faves. Click here to download from tpt.
And to keep the theme going, my paid product is my complete unit for Last Day Blues. I made this one about 2 years ago and when I went to get it ready for myself this year, I realized it needed a major upgrade, which I got to work on immediately!  If you already own it, just go to "your purchases" on tpt and you can download the new version. If not, feel free to check it out by clicking here.
And just for fun, here are some of my favorite books for the end of the year. 
Next hop stop is my adorable friend and real-life co-worker Caitlin at Kindergarten Smiles!
Kindergarten Smiles
 I'm stop #11, so if you want to hop backwards through the rest, 
click on Lisa's super cute blog button. She's stop #10. 
If your OCD is freaked out by that, you can find the actual beginning of the hop right here at Mrs. Russell's Room. It's ok. I know how it is...
Freebie Fridays


  1. What a great unit.. Honestly I have never read Last Days Blues but I will now!!

    Also, I am one of your newest followers-- so I look forward to seeing all the great things you do!!

    Thanks so much!!

    First Grade and Flip Flops

  2. Never heard of the book but it sounds like something I'd love to read! Thanks, Denise!
    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  3. Love this unit and both of those books! I'm going hoppin to the other blogs!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  4. Your stuff is always AMAZING! Thanks!!

    Kindergarten Smiles

  5. I love this book so it'll be great to have something to go with it. I will check out the full unit now! Thanks!!

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  7. Denise, you are a hoot and I just LOVE your ideas! :0) Thanks for participating in the hop! ;) I'm going to go check out your pack right now! :)


    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

  8. I have to find this book!! I have First Day Jitters & this sounds perfect for the end of the year. Thanks for the great freebie! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  9. I love your story scrapbook! Such a cute idea. :)

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  10. Great materials! This blog hop is a lot of fun! Thanks!

    Sarah @ Hoots N' Hollers

  11. Cute, cute, and more cute Denise!!!! Thank you for sharing! I'm loving this blog hop! So happy to be a part of it with wonderful people like yourself!!

    Sticky Notes & Glitter: A First Grade Adventure!

  12. Thanks for the end of the year book suggestions:) The unit looks great! Perfect way to end the year.

    The Resourceful Apple

  13. Denise,

    I am so glad you were able to join us for the hop! :) I <3 Last Day Blues and First Day Jitters! Thank you so much for the freebie! I put your unit on my wishlist (and of course pinned it!) ... can't wait until payday! :)

    The Applicious Teacher

  14. You girls truly are from the Sunshine State ... what a wonderful blog hop and what a great packet!



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