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I read each and every feedback that is left for me on tpt and I can't even tell you how happy, happy it makes me to hear that my stuff is making other teachers' lives easier. So when I heard about Christina's Fabulous Feedback Linky I had to join in.

And in case you haven't heard - there's a big sale going at one of my favorite places Tuesday and Wednesday! Every purchase will automatically be 10% off, then my store will be 20% off on top of that. My own wish list is packed!

When I first started creating my monthly printable packs, I did it mostly for myself. I wanted some printables that were more "meaty" than what I was seeing. If I'm going to use my precious printing ration at school, I want it to be worth it! I needed to have a stash of go-to resources for unexpected absences, homework or to have on hand for those times you just need the kids to be busy for a few minutes on their own. I started to make these packs back in October and they've really evolved over the year! I've been asked a few times if I'm making one for September. I definitely am! I'm working on a June/July pack right now, next up is an August/September. Then I want to go back and add some things here and there to the first few packs I made. Jenna and Krystal get it. Yay!
One of the products I get a lot of feedback on is my Common Core Math Assessment Pack for 2nd grade. I recently revamped the entire thing to include 3 assessments and kid-friendly objective posters for every standard. I learned so much while making these assessments and it was definitely a labor of love to create them, so to see that so many other teachers appreciate that is a feeling that's actually hard to describe. You might think the feedback I picked here is a little strange because it's not just a glowing endorsement. I love that strelitz took the time to offer some very insightful feedback. I really love it when buyers do this because it just helps me make things better for all of us! And the feedback at the bottom  - well I about passed out when omarkus wrote that a district consultant recommended my pack!
And the final feedback from my May Calendar Task Cards seems simple, but means the world to me! Lindalouhoo  says that her students look forward to seeing my name on their activities. That is exactly what happens in my room when I bust out something from the fabulous Amy Lemons. In fact, this week we're using her Mystery Genre pack and I totally heard the buzz "This is from Mrs. Lemons!". Cracks me up. To think that other classes are saying that about Sunny Days? Well, it just doesn't get better than that!
And P.S. Krystal, Jenna, strelitz, omarkus, and lindalouhoo please email me at ShopSunnyDays@me.com. I have a little thank you gift for ya!

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  1. I made it on your blog :) I feel famous :) :) but really, everything you make is amazing!! Keep up the good work!!


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