Beach Bingo Freebie

There are 17 school days left here in my neck of the woods and my to-do list is getting longer by the second! We have our end of the year testing next week and our big grade level parent event to get ready for, so it's definitely still full steam ahead.

I don't know about you, but my kids love bingo games. So I made this one for them so we could have a little fun after testing. It originally started just as a summer bingo, but then I realized how many summer words were compounds and then things just snowballed from there and it became Compound Beach Bingo.

I made it with a 4x4 grid instead of the traditional 5x5 to save a little time when they make the board and also so that the games go a little faster. I like to have my kids choose the words for their board and illustrate one in each box and write the word. You can have them do either or both.

I also made the cards with two different ways to play. You can have the kids call out the actual word or you can use the cards that give a little clue to the word. The second choice obviously bumps it up a bit. Either way, keep an uncut copy of the word cards so a helper can put little markers on the words already called. Click here to download from tpt.

And just in case you haven't seen this in my newsletter or on Facebook, I've opened my own little shop right here on my blog. You can get to it by clicking way up at the top (under the flip flops) where it says Shop Right Here. Right now it's just got some of my best sellers listed, but I'll be adding to it for sure. As a little token of my appreciation and a celebration of my grand opening, here's a coupon that you can use through Monday 5/13.
{It's only valid here at my blog shop, not tpt <---which I totally love and have no plans of leaving anytime soon...}


  1. 18 days left here.... And a good chunk of my lesson plans are your printables.... And now this :) thanks so much for a great freebie!

  2. Thanks so much Denise, this looks like so much fun. Love the 'rigorous' bump up too with the cards :) I just purchased the ez centre and am off to set it up. You have such great ideas !

  3. Thanks! I always love your stuff! I have to know...what is the font you used in the yellow polka dot picture at the bottom? I LOVE it!

    Covered in Glitter and Glue

    1. Hi Jessica!
      That font is KG Lego House. I love it too!! Here's a link to download it

  4. Thanks so much for this! As I was administering our last spelling pretest to determine kids' individual lists for the week (summer themed words), I thought about how many of them were compound words. I also said to myself that it would be great to whip something together for a station activity this week or next, BUT that idea quickly left my mind when I reminded myself that next Friday is our last full day and I have plenty of other things to do with my time... THANKS AGAIN FOR THIS FREEBIE! It is perfect for this week and will be of great use!! You are wonderful...

    Enjoy the last of your busy days!

    All the best--
    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers

  5. Love the freebie! Thanks for sharing, Denise.

    Zip over to my blog and join my count-down linky. Leave a comment with the location of your school and how many days you have left.



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