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My little sausage fingers have been flying across the keyboard lately! I even broke a newly shellacked nail in the process. And I've pretty much had a non-stop headache for the last 8 days or so, with a full blown migraine from Friday to Sunday. I'm sure stepping away from this computer for a while would help, but I can't. I've tried. I'm obsessed. There are times when I want to create and nothing is coming to me, then there are times when the floodgates are open and it's all I think of night and day. Right now the floodgates are open, so I'm workin it while it's workin'!

So, first up is something totally new for me. I've been struggling with homework. I want to give my  kids something to do that's fun, meaningful, but not crazy hard because I'd like them to do it independently. I also want to encourage them to read at home with some accountability. So, I created my first in a new series of products- Homework Helpers!
Each page asks them to record the title of a book they're reading at home and search for nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Next month I'll change it up to proper, common, and pronouns. There's also a clue to a certain word, a quick language arts activity, two math problems, and the directive to write a fact or opinion related to the topic on that page. They're seasonal, so I covered turkeys, corn, apples, Native Americans, pumpkins, and crows in this packet. I'm already working on December's pack and I'd love to hear any suggestions you have for themes or skills you'd like to see included. {Be sure to check the links at the end of the post for an exclusive sample only available to my blog readers! muah!}

Next project was my winter EZ Prep centers. These might be my extra super favorite so far! Don't you just want to jump in and swim with those little penguins? As always, the file comes with both pictures with an ELA and math page for each. I also include answer keys with lots of possible answers to give you and your kids an idea of what's possible. To save on ink, try projecting these for your kids to use. With this one I also included a version of the first one with a white background to save a little ink when printing.

And finally, I've been revamping some older products starting with my December Printables Pack. It's amazing that I just made them last year and I look at them and cringe over how much they need to be updated! If you already purchased, just download the revision under your purchases. That's the great thing about TpT. Once you purchase something, you always get the updates for free! For this pack I majorly updated the clipart, fonts and style and even more importantly, I added 6 additional activities. I'm working on January now. See, told you I was obsessed.

Before I go, here's an important head's up. I'll be taking part in a fun collaboration with two great bloggers and I'll be offering a normally paid product for free, but ONLY ON FRIDAY! The post will go live at 6:00 AM and be up for 24 hours. I know that if you subscribe to my posts via email, they tend to show up a day later  - so I didn't want you all to miss out. I'm cool like that ;0)

Edited 11/14. I flaked on the date of the freebie described above. It will be listed on Thursday!  But I will leave it up all day Friday too, just in case :)


  1. I'm tired just reading this post! You inspire me (and exhaust me!!) hope your headache goes away and you're feeling better soon! Everything you make is amazing! Keep up the great work :)

  2. Hi
    I just wanted to say that I tried out your homework freebie this week and loved it! I already had one parent email me tonight that homework didn't seem to be such a struggle and that ...gasp... her daughter seemed to enjoy it! Thank you again for such an awesome product and I will definitely be purchasing these throughout the year!


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