My Truth Monday - Dream Vacation!

If you read last week's My Truth Monday you'll understand why I'm a bit hesitant to start preparing for Thanksgiving this week. You might recall my great potato peel battle of 2012? Well, guess what? I think the disposal got the last laugh because it decided to bust some screws and leak alllllll inside my sink cabinet. It's been doing it slowly behind my back for quite a while, because by the time it was a big enough mess to notice, every can was rusty, every sponge was soaked, everything was a giant mess. Yup. Right about now when I should be starting to make some things ahead of time, my sink is out of commission. Do you think somebody is trying to tell me something? I'm starting to think so! Know what I want to make for Thanksgiving right about now?? RESERVATIONS!

To take my mind off things, let's think about something much more peaceful - vacation. Who doesn't love a great vacation. {random fact: I kind of hate the word "vacay" by the way...}Right about now you might even be traveling for the holidays, but what about a real, get-away-from-it-all vacation? Have you had a great one? Are you planning one? Is there a place on your bucket list that you just can't wait to see?

Let's talk about it with today's My Truth Monday. Well, you guys talk, I'll be mopping. and chopping. and cursing cooking up a storm in the kitchen...
Now grab this graphic and tell us about your happy place! Be sure to include the My Truth Monday button and link back to this page.


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