Neat Seat Winner & Sale Info!

Wowza! The response to my Neat Seat Organizer Giveaway with EAI Education was crazy! I apologize for the delay in announcing the winner, I was whisked away on a romantic weekend getaway which had me a little preoccupied. Picture me here with a umbrella drink in my hand. Yes, it was as heavenly as it looks...

So as we're packing up to leave (boo!) I'm just popping in to announce that the winner is <insert drumroll here> RHONDA W! Rhonda has already been notified via email and has one week to respond before I choose another winner.
The only bad part about reviews and giveaways is knowing that I'm disappointing so many people who entered and didn't win. Sorry about that, really. It does make me sad because I'm not one of the lucky ducks of the world either who wins stuff all the time. But maybe this will help. I'm guessing you have already seen this all over, but TpT reached 100,000 Facebook likes so they threw a flash sale for 10% off all purchases.

Totally caught me off guard when I came back from the pool yesterday, but cool nonetheless! To make the deal even sweeter, I put my entire store on sale for an extra 20% off <--which to me adds up to 30%, but some math guru did some serious figuring beyond my abilities and has informed us all that it really equals 28%. I'm a big fan of rounding, so in my mind it's still 30%. Sorry math guru, whoever you are. Just be sure to enter the code FB100K.

One last stop at Trader Joe's before our drive home to load up on all the goodies that I love and try to convince Joe to open a store in my neck of the woods. So far, I'm not having any luck with that one either...


  1. Umm we are beyond jealous! Did you actually put down your umbrella drink to write a post?! Such dedication. We hope you are having a fabulous time!!!

    ~Christy & Tammy
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  2. Aw sad I didn't win, but I am ordering more NeatSeats for my class anyway ;). I ordered two sets after I saw your post about them and I am in love with them!!! Thank you for telling us about them. I'm off to order more sets for the rest of my class!

    The Price of Teaching


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