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I recently came across a great idea from the Mailbox website. I highly recommend signing up for their arts & crafts newsletter. Some of the ideas are just kinda meh...but sometimes they are really cute. Like this one. I had lots of left over pictures from the year and this was perfect.

Click to enlarge and clearly see the delicious details!

First, I had the kids work in groups to brainstorm safety tips on a given topic: bike safety, water safety and staying safe outdoors. The next day they worked together to choose the most important tips. We got rid of things like "Don't pee in the pool" (yes, really). For obvious reasons, I helped a little here. Then I gave them each a picture of themselves from which I had cut out just their head. This apparently was the funniest thing they had EVER seen in their entire little lifetime because they had to laugh and talk and share their picture with each other for what seemed like forever. It's ok though, it was kinda funny.

Check out the windows and perspective! 

Then they used their little head to illustrate their chosen summer safety rule. Finally, we shared them with each other and discussed why that rule was so important. I had plans to add a little expository writing activity but we only have 5 days of school left and I have so much more to fit in!

Felt kinda bad for her. My only pic left of hers was when she had a mouthful of marshmallows!
Just thought I'd pass along this great way to use up any leftover pictures. I can also give you some hints on how to use up leftover marshmallows, but I think that one's pretty self explanatory.

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  1. I love this! I may use this idea when I'm teaching about pollution next year. I need to write it down right now, so I don't forget!


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