Vistaprint~Your new addiction

 I visit ProTeacher and Second Grade Teachers Club A LOT and the teachers over there are super amazingly awesome.  Last summer around this time I kept seeing post after post about Vistaprint so I became intrigued and holy cow ~ an addiction was born! The secret to Vistaprint is that once you order one little thing from them, you get put on their mailing list which taunts you with some freakishly good discounts and free items. I tested the theory and bought this pen (& this pen only) for my trial run:

Almost immediately my inbox was filled with crazy good discounts that I would have thought too good to be true, had it not been for those testimonials on ProTeacher and 2nd Grade Club.  So, I just thought I'd pass along some of the things I ended up ordering. Most of them were free and some were just a few dollars. Even with shipping, I bet I spent less than $30.00 total on everything on this page. So, in order from worst to best purchase, here is my Vistaprint haul:

My least useful, kind of a waste purchase is this little tote bag. First of all, what teacher needs another tote bag, right? But this one was all cute and natural canvas and I was proud of the snarky "green" comment I designed.  I imagined myself proudly bringing my eco-friendly bag shopping,  feeling all granola-chic. The only problem is that this picture of the bag is actual size. Ok, maybe it's a bit bigger, but not much. I could probably fit a pack of notebook paper inside, but certainly not much else. So if you need a teeny tiny tote, go for it. Otherwise, I'd skip this one:

The next least useful item is this banner. It's actually a really nice quality vinyl banner. Colors are great and it came just as I ordered it. The problem with this one is that it's about a trillion times bigger than the picture. Ok, that's another exaggeration. Actually, it's about 4 feet by 2 feet. I knew the size when I ordered it, but I never quite found the right place to hang it. The plan was to have kids sign the banner when they reached the top of our behavior chart system, but sadly it ended up staying rolled up next to my umbrella all year. Maybe next year. Maybe I need to do something about my obvious problem judging measurements.


I realize I'm not being the best advocate for Vistaprint here, but it gets better. Next up is this T-Shirt. It was free, so of course I had to find some use for it. I figured this would be good for Just Say No week. Problem with this? For some reason, we didn't really celebrate Just Say No week for the first time in my 18 year career! So, not much use from this one...yet.

Next on the list would be T-shirt #2. Love the comment I came with for this one, too! I was feeling very sassy last summer, huh? I actually did get some use out of this shirt. So the list starts to improve significantly from here. It's a nice quality heather gray, much softer than the white one above. Order them a big bigger, it ran kind of small.

Moving on, we get to these postcards. They are larger than a standard postcard and great quality. Nothing wrong with these at all. I ordered them to participate in a postcard exchange that I signed up for through ProTeacher. I'm signed up for another exchange this year, but I don't think I'll use these again. The postcards we received from the other classes around the country were actual touristy postcards that were more specific to the area. So what do to with the other 50 of these I have left? Umm...a cute art project with cutout flip flops?

The next three items are in a tie. They are return address labels. The first one I used as a sticker that I attached to the kids' center response sheets  (they also got a roll of Smartie's candy if they kept up with the response sheets all week). The second one is just a label for my books. And finally, my favorite label was the conference request sticker that I would just stick in their agenda books. Our school mascot is the gator, so those worked out well.

Next is the business card collection. One was for a homework pass reward. The AR Star card was placed in their report card at the end of each quarter and were a BIG hit) and the final one is for my TpT store. I need to get better at handing those out...

This beauty is a lawn sign. I'd say it's about 3ft by 2 ft, but then again it seems that I have a serious problem with estimating measurements. It hangs over my class library. I also added some cute wall decals from the dollar store that match the flowers. I love this corner. I hope I can recreate it in my new room in the fall:

Next up is this spacey magnet. It's business card sized (yes, I'm sure) and I got 25 FREE! This was a huge savings for me. I usually print these myself and run them through my Xyron on laminated magnetic paper, which can get expensive and is time consuming. I give these out at Meet & Greet and I will definitely be ordering these again.

The next two items are self inking stamps and they got A LOT of use. I used the red one for things we worked on together at small group and the other was used every morning to quickly mark spelling homework. Remarkably, the kids are the ones who actually used the stamps and they worked all year. Durable little suckers! They are still going strong, but now I can't be without them, so I'd totally have to replace them when they do go.

And, Ta-da!! My favorite item is this sticky note pad. I just like the coffee theme and the comment I had printed on it. I've used these like crazy and still have a bunch left. But they are just so me!
I'm not one to suffer alone in my addiction, so I invite you to join me in Vistaprint mania. 
You're Welcome. 

I had to edit this to add one more picture. The day after I published this post, this was the email I received from Vistaprint. If I didn't know any better, I'd think they were a follower!


  1. I love Vistaprint!! I ordered quite a few things last summer! I love your ideas, especially the conference request address labels and the just right book banner. Looks like I might to hop over to Vistaprint now...

  2. Hmmm very cute stuff. I may just have to go take a look lol.

  3. Hi, neighbor.... yes, literally... we are both teachers in Weston! I love your blog. I am a follower. I am moving up with my class to 2nd Grade and have looked through your blog for ideas. I was wondering if you could share pics of your classroom set up. Thanks for always sharing.

  4. Hi neighbor! What a small world! I have lots of pix of the room. I'll post some in the next couple of days. Im in the new CSR building, so my room is teeny compared w/ the main bldg, but I figured out how to make it work.

  5. That would be perfect. I am also in the SMALL building. LOL! I did see that one picture of your cabinet....but you stated you have shelving all along that wall. I have the same cabinet, with 2 more metal shelves along any walls!! Can't wait to see your pics. Thanks again!! PS: I'm at the Bay!

  6. I looooove your library corner! It is just want I want mine to look like!! I have no shelving units or counters or anything... just flat walls. Although actually I do have cabinets under a chalkboard that are flush with the wall, so I'm hoping to put my library in those cabinets!

    Thanks for all the pictures of stuff and how you used it! I had a panic attack when I tried to order my owl postcards because my email said they were free but at checkout it said $25!! But then I emailed them and they fixed it. So I'd like to say that their customer service people are helpful and quick!!

    Magnificent Multiagers!

  7. Now I'm hooked to Vistaprint! I'm going to try not to go TOO crazy making and ordering things for my classroom!
    One question... what's the best way to make labels for bins (say, for my class library) on Vistaprint?



  8. Hi Justin!
    I'm not sure if Vistaprint would be your best bet for library labels because you wouldn't be able to make them all different for each category. For my library labels, I just printed the titles I wanted from the WP program I use and then attached them to these blank cards

  9. You inspire me to check out this "vistaprint" !! Question though- I have been trying to get into Proteacher and ...nothing.... any ideas??

    Fantastic First Grade

  10. Hi Sara!
    If I remember correctly, I had to sign up for ProTeacher and they approve you (just as a way to keep out spam). Try this link - be sure to scroll all the way down. Let me know if it works!

  11. Ok, I have a dumb question. How do you attach your book labels to the baskets. I've always printed on sticky labels, but I've made bigger ones this year and don't know the best way to attach them. By the way I LOVE the bookshelf.

  12. Hey Ashleigh,
    Attaching the labels was a pain in the bootie!! I tried a few things until I finally came up with this - I used E6000 glue (you can get it at Wal-mart or any craft store) and then laid the basket on its side (with the lip of the basket hanging over the edge of the desk) and let it dry like that overnight. You can put something heavy in the basket to hold he basket down. It took a few days to do them all, but every since I glued them, not ONE has come off!

  13. I love Vistaprint!! Used them A LOT even before I became a teacher and you are right the discounts are great! I'm not sure if you are familiar with Groupon but I just wanted to let you know that sometimes the have Vistaprint deals!! I bought one a few weeks ago for $17 dollars worth $70 dollars and it doesn't expire until April! WIth the last one I used I had to think of things to spend it on! Thank you for all of the new ideas!


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