Spring, mascara and free napkins

Hey Friends!
I did a little bit of spring decorating, inspired (of course) by Pinterest. What the heck did I do before Pinterest? I have a large window that takes up most of one wall of my room. I love that it lets in so much light and I like to dress it up a bit for the seasons. I've been seeing lots of pennant banners that look super cute so I combined that idea with some symmetry eggs and butterflies I found here. The AC vent blows on that window so it makes the butterflies flutter a little. It was just a quicky activity but the kids had fun with it and it cheers up the place a bit.

Tomorrow night one of my bestest, oldest friends is coming in to stay for the weekend and I'm going to help her start her own blog. I'm so excited because she is an incredible guidance counselor with so much to offer to other teachers. Now, I normally get ready in the guest room (which may be the secret to a happy marriage) and in the process of getting the room ready for her I decided to clean out my makeup bag. This is what I found.
I have been on an impossible mission to find the best mascara. I've even resorted to mixing and matching brushes with different brands, primers, plumpers, expensive to cheap and I was never satisfied. But, that is all a distant memory now that I have found this little beauty:
It's got a different kind of brush with really small bristles, but I am seriously diggin it. Just figured I'd share in case any of you have also been on a quest like me. I'm a pretty simple chick, but mascara and Kerasal ointment are my two beauty must haves. (No compensation from Cover Girl and Kerasal. I just love the products!)

And speaking of feminine products, I'll leave you with this funny story that really, truly did happen just a few days ago. A student of mine came out of the lunchroom (among the mob of 200 other students who all exit at the EXACT same time. really). She tells me that her  lunchbox is leaking. The conversation went something like this:

Kid: My lunchbox is leaking!
Me: Go run into the hallway bathroom and get some paper towels!  we never ever use this bathroom, I'm not sure I've ever even been in it before since we have our own bathroom in the room
Kid goes into the bathroom, comes right out with no paper towels.
Me: Where are the paper towels?
Kid: I don't have fifty cents.
Me: What?
Kid: They're charging for them now. They're 50 cents and I don't have any money.
Now times are tight and budget cuts are severe, so I make my way through the crowd of kidlets and open the bathroom door and see (you guessed it) a big ol' sanitary napkin dispenser on the wall!! And sure enough, "napkins" are 50 cents!

I reassured her that she didn't have to pay for napkins (yet, anyway) and we just dripped down the hall until we got to the free paper towels in our own room. Although the ones they sell in the hall bathroom are WAY more absorbent!



  1. Lol that's too funny!

    Thanks for the mascara tip :) I use that Cover Girl too but the yellow volume one.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  2. I love your pennant banner! It is super cute!!

    The First Grade Dream

  3. I love the napkin story!

    Once I was opening a product in my bathroom at home and my youngest (who used to follow me EVERYWHERE was on the other side yelling "I hear a wrapper! Are you sneakin' candy in there?!?!"
    (For the record, I told him I was eating candy)

    Going Nutty!


  4. That bathroom story is HILARIOUS!!!! :)
    I'm taking your mascara tip and running with it!!!!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  5. You did good job. Keep it on with this type of post.

    Make your own quiz

  6. I too have been on a quest for the perfect mascara. I'll have to try this one :) The bathroom story is hilarious!!


  7. wait...your SCHOOL is charging money for paper towels???

  8. Love it !!!! Made me smile before school......Happy Friday :).

  9. That is too funny! Soon they'll be charging for squares on toilet paper!!! LOL--let's hope not! Have fun with your friend! April

  10. LOL on the napkin story!!!!!! I use Mally Beauty Mascara - I buy it from QVC.com. You would LOVE it! My 17 year old daughter is OBSESSED with her eyelashes and she uses Mally too....along with the orange container of the same one you love (purple). Lovely window by the way. Have a fun weekend!

    Fabulous 4th Grade Froggies

  11. LOL! Awkward! But 50 cents seems sort of expensive for a sanitary napkin! Maybe they have to charge a lot to make a profit, since there are probably not many buyers in the elementary school!

  12. lol Denise!!!!! Thanks for the mascara tip--I am constantly switching kinds. I would fall for any commercial gimmick that shows the newest mascara...they're the only commercials that make me think I have to try that one!!

  13. I love the mascara that is called Fresh. I get it from Sephora. You should definitely look into that when you run out of your new kind!

  14. Great post! I think teachers have the best job, but even better...the best stories!!! LOL

    Thanks for the mascara tip. I am due for a new brand.

  15. I am so relieved that I'm not alone in my quest for/obsession with the perfect mascara. I have frequently stopped mid conversation to ask someone what they use and even asked a couple of strangers! I just bought two in the last week and have ended up using them together (thanks to a well-timed how-to article). I will make a note of your new kind to try next time!

  16. Cute story about the lunch box. I don't use mascara, I'm allergic to everything, but I am going to pass the brand on to my nieces who love make up and are always on the hunt.

  17. What a great story! I needed a laugh today.


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