Picnik Break-up & Last Chance Slideshows

I met Picnik shortly after I started blogging. We hit if off right away and I was smitten. At first we spent time together just brightening up a picture, cropping, adding a caption. But then, we ventured into more serious territory and I trusted him enough to make slideshows together. As a couple,  we chronicled my classroom set up this year, even though I was dead-tired. We oohed and ahhed over all of the amazing storybook pumpkins at my school this fall and we laughed over that crazy elf mischief around the holidays. Times were good, my friends.

And then, just like that - the relationship was over. Apparently, some "ants" had moved in and taken over and I was out. It was sad, I was stressed. I did not know how I would go on! And then I met PicMonkey! That cute little guy really renewed my spirit. I thought I was over  Picnik since I found my new love. I was happily moving on. I had moved past the break-up and was looking forward to a future with my sassy new monkey when Picnik had to send one last cutesy little reminder to pick up my take-out order. Yes, all the pictures I'd ever edited were ready for me in a neat little bundle. Just like with any break-up, I was prepared to pick up my belongings that I left over at Picnik's place with dignity and move on. But, then I had a startling realization. Picnik had the last laugh after all. He left a note that said that he was keeping my slideshows. I don't know if I'll be remaking these slideshows any time soon, so while I still have joint custody, you are invited to view them one last time before Picnik is gone for good. sniff, sniff.

Click quick - They'll be gone for good this Thursday.

Setting up for 2011 - Day 1
Setting up for 2011 - Day 2
Setting up for 2011 - Day 3

Book Character Pumpkins

Elf on a Shelf ideas



  1. I loved Picnik! I can't wait to see more features on PicMonkey. Thanks for directing me that way.

  2. Thats sad you can't keep your shows. I enjoyed watching the transformation of your room though :) I do have a question. How many kids do you have in a 2nd grade class? I compare your room to mine and it seem huge! My 2nd grade class (Syd, Australia) sits at 24. I would kill for one of those kidney desks.
    Teachable Moments

  3. Awwww, I loved your Picnik videos!! They were my inspiration!

  4. You kill me, you are so, so, so funny! Sorry to hear about your slideshows, but I loved this post! Thanks for the laugh before bed!

  5. So sad! I think iPiccy is supposed to be pretty good, too...y'know, just incase you and PicMonkey ever have a falling out ;)

    Cara :)
    The First Grade Parade


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