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Well, I am just getting my linky on all over the place! Today I stumbled upon this font linky over at Finally in First and (despite my sink full of dishes, baskets full of laundry and dusty treadmill) I had to participate! I am a font junkie. Always have been. I have a few faves that I seem to gravitate to more than others though.
Sketch Rockwell will look familiar to those of you who read The Oatmeal. I know it's wrong on many levels, but I can't help it...I like The Oatmeal! While we're at it, I also like The Onion. Which is even more wrong. Who says teachers can't enjoy a little satire and sarcasm, right? Although thinking about onion and oatmeal together is making me feel a little ill.

I love Alpha Fridge to make center activities. I have a good one with mixed up words on a card that I put at a center and the kids actually use the magnets to try to unscramble the word. 

Knuckle type appeals to my quirky side. It's a little wobbly cute without being so distracting that it's hard to read. And First Grader - well, I like to use that one whenever I'm showing an example on a handout. Like some phantom child actually did one of the problems for the kids before they got their paper. Ok, it's just an excuse to play with my fonts.

Did you notice the bar code? Cuteness or what? If you make your own cards, crafts or candy bar labels that bar code adds a cute touch. 
Click for a free copy of this!
Here's where you can find my favorites:
Sketch Rockwell  Alpha Fridge Magnets Bar Code <--Free from DaFont
Knuckle Type, First Grader <--Purchased from Lettering Delights

Now, I also have a thing for dingbats - but they deserve a whole party of their own!


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