Minute To Win It!

Our year-end party this year was based on the TV game show Minute to Win It.  I've actually seen this brought up around the blogosphere a lot this summer, so it's catching on. That's awesome because my kids had the best time with this and so did I. (Big thank you to my most awesome room moms!)

If you try this, a great tip is to pull up the clip of the actual game and show it to the kids before they try it. Go here to see a computerized explanation of each game and a clip of an actual show participant making it look much easier than it is! (There is an annoying commercial at the beginning of each one, but my kids liked them! Go figure,)

First up was Face the Cookie. This one made sense considering our Oreo addiction this year. The kids had to lean their head back and place a cookie on their forehead and, using only their facial muscles, move the cookie down their face and into their mouth. I wish I had video for this one, because to watch it was freakin' funny! Here's our champ:

Up next was Noodling Around. The kids lined up penne pasta at the edge of their desks and tried to pick up all of them with one piece of spaghetti that they held in their mouth. I thought for sure the spaghetti would break, but it held up. They loved this one and kept trying long after we had a winner. Such concentration!

I don't think the next game was on the actual show. The kids had to suck an m&m onto the end of a straw and drop it on the plate to make a smiley face. At first I had heart palpitations imagining one of the m&m's being sucked through the straw and lodging itself in a little windpipe, but apparently my physics skills need a brush up because there really was no danger of that happening.

Next up was A Little Dicey. In our case it was a little fruity, as in Froot Loops. The kids had to balance five Froot Loops on the end of a popsicle stick in their mouth. (Just a tip - don't use colored popsicle sticks, unless of course you want a room full of rainbow tongues that the kids MUST show each other.)

Finally was the Slimy Nose Relay (ok, I'm making that up. I forget what the real name was). Basically, the moms put a dab of vaseline on the tip of the kids' noses. That in itself had a high teacher entertainment factor. Look at these faces! Ugh, love them!

The entertainment for the kids was the relay part. They had to use just their newly slimy nose to pick up and transfer as many cotton balls as they could from one plate to another.

I can see this being great for a kid's birthday party or even just a way to chase away the "I'm bored" refrain echoed by so many kids around the second day of summer! Don't miss my blog buddy Reagan's free download {HERE}. She kinda rocks my socks off.

 Here's a link to a few more. A quick Google search will yield tons of games to try without having to buy an actual game or special supplies. Really, all of these games could be played with things you probably already have on hand. (Except the m&m's of course, those don't last very long around here.)



  1. That looks like so much fun! My kids would have had a ball with it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such great pictures! My school used Minute to Win It as a reward for the kids with no absences or tardies in a six weeks. They really loved it. I will make sure they get the link to watch the videos. I think it it will help the kids understand, especially the little ones.

    Simply 2nd Resources

  3. I sooo want to try this! Think they should have a school edition of this show!

  4. Okay, this may be a really stupid question, but I'm going to ask anyway....
    Do you time the kids for one minute or do you give them more time? I'm planning on doing something like this with my class tomorrow and I wasn't sure if I should time my first graders or not???
    Thanks, Andi

  5. Hi Andi,
    We actually did give them just a minute. After we picked a winner though, we let them keep trying for a little bit longer if they were really into it :)

  6. oh my goodness!!!! NO, You rock my socks off! :)

  7. Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas, and the photos for reference! I'm going to try them out at my little guy's birthday party on Sunday :)


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